Friday, 3 July 2009

I'm back!

I can not believe how rubbish i have been at keeping up to date with my blog, however a jobless summer (so far..hopefully not for long!) has inspired me to start this again. I wake up every day wishing and fantasising about things i know i want to be doing, god there is so much i want to do in life its crazy!

As it is one of my absolute passions i feel i should start my blog off with some of my photography. Fashion photography facinates me. Corinne Day is amazing, i love how personal her images feel.

Rankin is another favorite and someone who i based so much of my a level work on, i think its the way he portrays women that captures me. You can tell a Rankin shot instantly.

Guy Bourdin is another of my favourites.Again it is the way he portrays women but always leaves a sense of mystery to his pieces.

I love the fantasies that Annie Leibovitz creates, and the crazy humor from David LaChapelle! I could go on...! Below i have added a few of my own photos inspired by the amazing people mentioned above.