Saturday, 15 August 2009

Balmain A/W 09

WOW! I am in love with the Balmain A/W 09 collection. Although its not the most creative and original comparison with the crazy Alexanda McQueen show and many others..i think in terms of ready to wear it is amazing. i want it all! 1980s inspired..The powerful shoulder pads i love- The fitted blazers are beautiful, the crystal sprinkled

Emma Watson for Burberry

I opend up Vogue the other week to find Emma Watson gracing the beautiful glossy pages in the new A/W 09 Burberry advert. NOOO! As a very fond collector of adverts, Burberry being my absolute favourite for their innovative, different adverts i literally can not take my eyes off of (and those HOT boys!), I found myself annoyed that Emma Watson is the new face of Burberry. Don't get me wrong I do like Emma Watson i suppose..not for her shocking acting but for her style..i suppose because she is the same age as me, but Burberry is the last brand that i think she represents. To me Burberry represents a cool, quirky, refreshing and inspiring brand and i dont really think thats Emma Watson. After having the cool Kate Moss, Agness Deyn types..Emma Watson seems such a bizzare choice. Emma's definitely more Chanel then Burberry.

Fashion Toast

I've been following the blog Fashion Toast for a while now and I love it!! She is stunning and I'm fascinated by her style. But it is the photography done by her boyfriend that gets me and has inspired me to get back out there finally and do what i love to do! The way she puts together an outfit in definitely amazing and inspiring and the shoes..well WOW! She also sells her clothes which is suchh a good idea..i started taking pics of my old clothes then thought no one would ever want to buy my old rubbish!! She also works for Korean Teen Vogue. I heart Fashion Toast.

Topshop...the love of my life!

Poor student and Topshop really do not go together at the moment! Everytime I go into Topshop or visit their sight I defintily want to cry! Their Autumn/Winter collections are gorgeous and unlike other stores where you get pieces that look cheap and tacky..Topshop is just so damn stylish! I love their Marianne collection...i am a massive fan of black and the embelishment on the clothes make each item so special. When I go round I found myself putting all different pieces together making these amazing outfits! I lovee the visual merchandising in Topshop Flagship store on Oxford Street..its so effective and really does do its job of making you want to purchase everything. Is it me or has Topshop got even more amazing! is this even possible!? Topshop you are my hero..!