Friday, 25 December 2009

All i want for christmas is...a beautiful pair of Manolos!

Lucky, Lucky Carrie Bradshaw is all i can say really! I just watched Sex and the City for the gazzilionth time and every time those beautiful Manolo's capture me!! I have always been a fan, how can you not. Those shoes are what dreams are made of! Blahniks sketches are also amazing, they're so distinctive but create this kind of fantasy around them, its like he is giving you a glimpse of the beauty but not giving too much away, leaving that for the incredibly lucky people who actually can own a pair!
Merry Christmas

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tim Walker...the Dream Maker!

Tim It's crazy, i have only just recently properly discovered Tim Walker. How i don't know! His photographs are incredible. I have known and loved his work for ages now, the magical blue photo of Lily Cole in India i think on the stairs has been one of my favourite images for ages now but i just never had a name to the photo!
I love the courageous, magical, daring, beautiful out of the ordinary photographs he creates. Walker creates fantasies, dreams and spectacular wonderlands. If i had the opportunity these are the kind of images i would dream up.
I want every one of his photos blown up and put on my wall!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

I want to take more pretty pictures...

I have just been looking through some of my old photography and my god do i want to take some pictures right now!! I can't wait to go back for Christmas and demand that my friends Bex and Paula pose for me in crazyyy locations wearing beautiful clothes. This sets concepts I've just decided I want to do one that's focused on high voltage glamour, think red lipstick, sparkles and beautiful dresses (like Kate Moss on the front cover of Vogue December 08 i think...favourite ever issue of vogue by the way!) i also want to do one less posed, and more natural thinking more about styling. Excited.. yes!

Friday, 11 December 2009

Shona Heath

Imagine creating fanatsy worlds every day...! Shona Heath i want your job! As i have mentioned a few times...i find window displays facinating. I love how fashion creates a fantasy world where pretty much any imagination is possible.
I saw this topshop display in Oxford circus the other day when in london. I think its perfect for Topshop. It really reflects the party season, and draws you in. When i saw it it magically makes me HAVE to go inside and want to buy something!! Also the styling is better than most stores. 'Magic Windows'..yes it is!
Shona heath is a art director and set designer and has worked with American, British and Italian Vogue, Casa Vogue, L'Uomo Vogue to Another Magazine, Dazed & Confused.
Advertising credits include Armani, Cacharel, Donna Karan, Harvey Nichols, Margaret Howell and Tiffany. She has worked on fashion sets for Emma Cook, Topshop, and Julie Verhoeven, presentations for Marni, Rebecca Taylor and the Vogue Christmas Party.


In the summer i amazingly managed to get a job as a Nokia connector. Basically as a Nokia Connector we have to go aorund uni/town entering people in a competiton and telling them about nokia services etc. Its a relitivly new thing with the aim of promoting Nokia to make young people love it again! but more importantly we get a gazzilion perks with the job, like free phones, kit,parties, Ray Mears,Diversity, Rihanna, Jay Z, The Human League, festivals and ti-pis! Anyways...we have literally just got back from the Nokia Christmas Party...and wow what a night!
For me doing marketing at Uni, it could not be more perfect! We get all this marketing talk thrown at us thats really useful and actually really interesting! Before i worked for Nokia..i definitely thought it was not very cool anymore.. (remember the days of Snake..!) but now, especially with this programme, i love what they're doing from their campaigns to things like the stuff with MTV their doing. Its such a good brand to work for! Last night i met so many important Nokia guys it was crazy! I love Nokia for life..! haha how sad am i!

Saturday, 5 December 2009


Anthropology has just recently opened its UK Flagship store on Regents Street. Anthropologie is known for its amazingly creative visual merchandising. I remember visiting some Anthropologie stores in New York in January and couldn't get over how beautiful the V.M was. The store really creates an experience, its like an art gallery. Anyways i was quite dissapointed with the new UK store, the V.M was still beautiful but it wasn't as daring as the New York stores. I did love the Maaasive wall coverd in real plants though..a sales guy must have seen me staring at it and came up to me and gave me the guided tour of the plant wall..all real apparently, gardeners coming next month in case you wondered!


I don't know what it is about London but I just can't get enough of it! We had a uni trip to London on Wednesday to do some research for our Shu Uemura Project. First we went to Somerset House..amazing. The tiffany Ice rink was up along with the Tiffany Tuck Shop, Its so cute. I love the idea of expanding your brand into something completly irrelevant but it just works. The Tiffany Tuck shop gives you the whole brand experience just in a different, exciting format.

SHOWstudio exhibition in Somerset house was amazing too. I never knew how involved photographer Nick Knight was with this, and how forward it seems to be. He has explored so many different formats and styles, its so interesting.

Kate Moss I Love You.

London at Christmas is definitely my favourite. I could literally just walk around all day staring at the Window Displays and Christmas V.M. I love how brands go all out and create mini fantasys in their windows.

Louis Vuitton..sorry about the bad quality!


Selfridges... Definitely dissapointed with the Windows this year. Normally they are amazing! Wheres the glamour?!!