Sunday, 29 November 2009

J'adore Paris <3

Some of my photos from Paris. Paris is so beautiful. I want to go back...!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Paris Vogue

I just thought i'd share some amazing images from the Vogue I picked up in Paris...

The photographs are shot by Mario Sorrenti and graffic designer Kaws has his imput too.. creating high contrast and high volatge images that mix elegance and poise with the grime of street life.
Kaws is the talent behind the Kanye West Album'808 and Heartbreak'

Below: Photograph of Kate Moss with Kaws designs surrounding.

'Graffiti Couture' reminds me of a set of photographs I took 2 years ago for my Photography a-level. I've posted them before but here's one to re-fresh your memory :)

Monday, 23 November 2009

Ooooo La La...

I have just got back from a weekend in Paris!

And wow, it was truely incredible. The city is beautiful. As soon as you arrive you just know you are is Paris. It has such an elegant air floating around and you can't help but stumble upon some amazing architecture of some sort everywhere you go!

We visited the Sacre Coeur...(Breathtaking. That view...!!) Arc de Triomph, (I loved, it mesmorised me!) We went up the Eiffel Tower (the view again-insane!) Saw the Louvre (the architecture surrounding was amazing) and went to Paris Photo photography exhibition (so inspiring.)

We also had the most amazing meal ever at Cafe de L'Homme, overlooking the Eiffel Tower. We were so close you could practically touch it!

Like that eppisode of The Hills-'Paris Changes Everything' I really belive it does :)


p.s i'll post some pictures soon, tell you all about the Paris Photo exhibition and some oh so amazing images from Paris vogue.

It's Happened!!!

I feel today I have finally realised I am addicited to Blogspot! Today i have checked my blog like a million times?! why I don't know! get ready for some serious blogging!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Shu Uemura

Our next project this year is a live project for L'oreal. Definitely been waiting for this project! Shu Uemura was the chosen brand. I Love it- massive contrast from Universal Works! Shu Uemura originated in 1958 by Mr. Shu Uemura himself. Shu Umeura began his career as a make up artist to the Hollywood movie stars, working with legends such as Frank Sinatra and on movies such as My Geisha. The brand has lines in hair, skincare, make up and accessories, but most famously known for its amazing cleansing oils and AMAZING, crazy but spectacular false eye lashes.
As a group we have to come up with a new fabulous marketing strategy for the brand, firstly thinking about a 1 year strategy then a 4 year growth plan.
I shall keep you posted.

Above: Collaboration with Victor and Rolf

P.s how amazing is the brand imagery. yum.

Universal Works

Definitely been meaning to blog about this for forever!!

Our first project as second years was to create a marketing strategy for the brand Universal Works.

My initial reaction when the website popped us was...oh dear god!! I think it was the choice of model that shocked me, and after researching, finding out that the brand has 'no target market, just garments for everyone'!? But after many a lecture from our tutors, David the brand owner and Martin, Davids sales man..i kind of came to like the brand. The clothes are really unique and i can see them selling really well, but this is a brand in desperate need of a marketing strategy, or at least a target market to begin with!
It was definitely stressful trying to get a grips with the brand because of its lack of strategy but once we had come up with our plan for the brand this project actually became quite enjoyable!
It will definitely be interesting to see where David takes this brand in the future! I'll keep you posted...!
Check out the website and our blog we created for the brand:

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lets Play Dress Up

Model: Constance Jablonski
Photography: Joshua Jordan
I found this photoshoot on (amazing for photoshoots...kind of my new favourite website yup!) Its a shoot from Russian Harper's Bazzar and is all about decedence, fun, over the top glamour and is really every girls fantasy! If only we could always dress up like this!
P.s I want the Vivienne Westwood Knee High Socks!

* All Things Christmassy....

Its November..already! Which means allllll things Christmassy!! As a massive lover of Window Displays i cant wait for all the christams displays to pop up! And of course i cant wait to see what Selfridges comes up with! Get ready for glitter, sparkels, stars and glamour. I'll keep you posted with my favourite ones.

What a Wonderful World...

I was sitting on the tram yesterday when i noticed the girl opposite me was holding the new December issue of Vogue.
Something crazy came over me, and it reminded me how EXCITEDDDDD i get when i get the new Vogue. I've realsied why i love it so much... it tkaes me to that dream world of all things pretty. Its such a fantasy land. All i wanted to do was go steal it off her and sit in the corner all day and read every little single bit of it!

Not only does it have 'wonderful' written in a beautiful and refreshing scribe on the front cover, but its the December so that means high voltage glamour and everything sparkly!! What more could a girl ask for?!
I started writing this on the train home..and this was even before i had opend the actuall magazine..just the 'Glamour' supliment magazine was enough to get me writing! The Supliment magaizne is amazing, and thats even before i opend it up! It has an instantly recognisable image of Jean Shrimpton on the front cover..shot by David Bailey - of course! Then there's iconic photographs of Jackie O in her sunglasses (i want that photo on my wall!!)and that beautiful shoot with Kate Moss for British glamour! and ooo that Paris shot from a few months back! wow basically.
'Red Alert' Photoshoot

Photographer: Emma Summerton
I really love the concept for this shoot. I think its raw and refreshing. It shows the models in a different light which i suppose is reflected through their surroundings really well. Such an amazing idea to go to the White Clifs of Dover. Its kind of supernatural with a lot of poise. But whatever it is i love it.
'The Seven Wonders of Fashion'

Photographer: Josh Olins