Thursday, 29 April 2010

Morning Flowers.

Model: Frida Gustavsson
Photographer: Andreas Sjödin
Vogue Nippon June 2010

Online V Offline?

Our current project on Jonathan Aston is going well so far, despite how awful the brand is. Today we had a lecture by this really cool web designer, and I'd like to say i have learnt a lot today. Lisa and i were researching and all this new technology that's out there is mind-blowing. You can literally do anything and everything from your laptop, or even phone!? It astounds me. But really it kind of inspires me and i actually cant wait to get back to researching after my noodles and tea.
On Monday we had a lecture by Sally Bain- ex drapers, Sunday times, mintel, verdict, woman and home, well she has worked everywhere. It was on Magazines, Journals, Printed Media as channels of advertising and again i learnt so much! Its crazy how fast the circulation of newspapers (minus the Daily Star..egh) and magazines are declining, and how online is massively, massively increasing.
I don't really know where i sit amongst all this, i literally love having a paper copy of Vogue that i can spend hours holding and looking at little details- even though you can find all my favourite bits- the photo shoots- online for free. It will be really interesting to see what the future holds for printed media..

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hippie Yeah!

Photography: Patrick Demarchelier
Vogue Germany
Hair: Luigi Murenu
Styling: Katie Mossman
Check out the hair in this shoot by Partick Demarchelier, it's incredible. The monotone makes it really stand out and although i don't think this whole hippie trend will suit me this season i think it works really well here. That is possibly the best plait i have ever seen...
As if anyones hair can be that amazing?!

Rum, Sea, Sun and Photos...

I want to go back :(

Viva Moda

Model: Bianka
Photographer:Mateusz Stankiewicz
Viva Moda
The weather recently has been reasonably nice for once, which is making me itch with excitement for the summer. I actually can't wait to get home and do photo shoots. I am full of inspiration and am thinking about locations all the time. I love the location for this viva Moda shoot, but for me, its the lighting that makes these images really stand out.
P.s Happy Birthday Bex Nicholson!
Above: One of the Photos of Bex i took last summer, inspired by D&G A/W 09, i used the same kind of principle as the Viva Moda shoot, using light projected onto the face to create a point of difference. i'm definitely a sucker for lighting!

Monday, 19 April 2010


Source: weheartit

I've been doing some research for our new uni project on hoisery brand Jonathan Aston. I picked out some of my favourite images from to get some inspiration for our project and to see what kind of consumer is buying tights, and how they are using them. There's this whole world of tights out there that i've discoverd! I think an amazing pair of tights can really make an image, and i love the poses and shapes that have been created in these photos to allow maximum focus on the tights.

Defragmention Of Beauty...

Source: fashiongonerogue

Photographer: Marcin Tyszka

Illustrations: Tomek Sadurski

This editorial for 25 magazine is literally the best thing I've seen in ages. The mixture of photography with illustration is so exciting and has created some really amazing compositions. It's really refreshing to see something different amongst endless editorials of the same thing. Also i think the title of the shoot works really well in portraying the mood of the shoot.

Reminds me of the photomontage days in a level photography! Can someone please teach me how to do this?

actually amazing.