Monday, 26 October 2009

Faking it!

I found this picture on Jak and Jil's blog the other day and i loved the idea of it. Karl Lagerfeld doesn't stop getting it right! The Chanel SS10 collection saw the models wearing fake tattoos of Chanel braclets. I think its so effective. Ooooh how i love Chanel!

This tattooed effect is like the Steven Meisel shoot from Vogue Italia back in 2007.

Fifi Lapin

Only quite recently i have come across the blog Fifi Lapin! How cute is it!! I think its such an amazinnng idea and so creative! No wonder Topshop have teamed up with Fifi herself to appear on their christmas cards this year! i can defitnily see this being a sell out! In fact i want to go out and buy them now!

I love how she re-creates looks straight off the catwalk..its such a good idea and such a marketable idea! I can picture fifi lapin everything right now from socks to stationary to posters well to anything actually!!
Below is an example of Fifi Lapin in Chanel...

Fifi Lapin i love you.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Cheryl Cole <3

Firstly i LOVE Cheryl Cole. Not only is she absolutly beautiful she has an amazing dress sence too. Every Saturday i get so excited and soo close to the screen to analyse her yet again amazing outfit! This month Cheryl was on the front cover of Elle magazine looking stunning as usual...but different which i thought was really interesting and refreshing unlike the Vogue issue she graced the cover of which was more Hollywood glam; Elle Went for the natural look i suppose letting her natural beauty do the talking. i really loved the rawness of it.

I LOVED her outfit that she performed her new single in... and it has caused quite a controversy! I read this Telegraph article that compares her to some catoon 'street fighter'character called M-Bison?! Others have said its too revealing after her comments about Kandy Rains reavling outfits.. (i can't belive i'm blogging about xfactor?! its addictive!)

Anyways whatever anyone says i think her milatry inspred outfit was totally on trend and she looked more than Amazing.
Hello :)

We have just been given our new module guide for this term..and i actually am quite excited to do some work for the first time in agessss!! We have loads of live projects this being for the shoe brand Kickers. When i first read that i was like aghh! For me..the brand Kickers reminds me of when i was at school..and alwaaays wanted a pair of Kickers instead of my rubbish Clarks, i definitely don't see it as a cool brand that i would ever consider now!!

Our task is to deliver an innovative communication strategy i guess to make Kickers 'cool' again!! hmm i reckon this is going to be a hard job!! haha. Below i've shown 2 examples of Kickers famous Hi Kick tell me what you think..!!? And below is an example of the ermm ladies shoes?! I really can see where this brand is going wrong. I learnt so much from the lecture we had..deliverd by two guys from kickers..apparently Kickers was born out of student riots and sees themselves as a quirky, left field, feel good brand that prides themselves on their heritage. Apparently in the good old days Kickers used to be worn by football casuals, and in the 90s 'cool' people like Liam Gallagher and Ian Brown.

Kickers is heavily associated with the 'cool' music scene and things like acid house music and Brit Pop! Kickers in the Noughties has been associated with the indie scene..with people like the artic monkeys wearing them and also the garage scene with So Solid crew wearing them and apparently it has also turend quite chavvy! Basically it has a cool past but maybe a not so cool present, i mean ..have you seen the shoes!

As a group we decided Kickers was more like Sketchers, Ugg, Clarks, Crocs and Timberland rather than the very cool Nike, Addidas, converse and Dr Martins.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


This shoot was something that i have wanted to do since i started photogrpahy back in year 12. I have always loved the idea of a corn field and i think you can get some amazing shots. We had to work with some really rubbish lighting which was a shame but i love the results. Again i used the trend of hair accessories and also this seasons massive trend of embelishment in the sequin waistcoat. We aimed for a natural, hippyish type of shoot, focusing on the strong colours from the surroundings and the clothes, rather than a fashion shoot but i think it worked really well.

My Photography Continued...

2nd Concept:

The next shoot i did was inspired by the gothic trends that appeard on the catwalks for autumn winter 09. I love the gothic trends alot and i think there's so much to explore. i also love black a little but too much..but i love how it can be portrayed in different ways due to the different fabrics and textures used. I also used the massive trend of hair accessories..such as bows seen in the Louis Vuitton show, the gloves used in the hair as shown in the Dolce and Gabbana Shows as well as a million more!

Inspired Photography

When on holiday this summer I came up with a gazzilion concepts for photoshoots i have wanted to do for ages! I based them all on Spring/Summmer 09 collections, really focusing on the styling, make up and hair, then came up with the appropriate location. LOVE doing this, i got so into it! I used my best friend Bex as my model..she is amazing..and also has a really good eye for styling and ideas..and shes so confident so is sooo easy to work with.

1st Concept:

Based on the 80s trend that was shown in many collections this season. Particularly looking at Marc Jacobs for styling, hair and make up. Really loved the idea of colour, and those gloves!! YUM. I wanted these images to pop. The location really sets of the styling i feel and creates that 80s vibe...