Thursday, 29 April 2010

Online V Offline?

Our current project on Jonathan Aston is going well so far, despite how awful the brand is. Today we had a lecture by this really cool web designer, and I'd like to say i have learnt a lot today. Lisa and i were researching and all this new technology that's out there is mind-blowing. You can literally do anything and everything from your laptop, or even phone!? It astounds me. But really it kind of inspires me and i actually cant wait to get back to researching after my noodles and tea.
On Monday we had a lecture by Sally Bain- ex drapers, Sunday times, mintel, verdict, woman and home, well she has worked everywhere. It was on Magazines, Journals, Printed Media as channels of advertising and again i learnt so much! Its crazy how fast the circulation of newspapers (minus the Daily Star..egh) and magazines are declining, and how online is massively, massively increasing.
I don't really know where i sit amongst all this, i literally love having a paper copy of Vogue that i can spend hours holding and looking at little details- even though you can find all my favourite bits- the photo shoots- online for free. It will be really interesting to see what the future holds for printed media..

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