Sunday, 25 October 2009

Cheryl Cole <3

Firstly i LOVE Cheryl Cole. Not only is she absolutly beautiful she has an amazing dress sence too. Every Saturday i get so excited and soo close to the screen to analyse her yet again amazing outfit! This month Cheryl was on the front cover of Elle magazine looking stunning as usual...but different which i thought was really interesting and refreshing unlike the Vogue issue she graced the cover of which was more Hollywood glam; Elle Went for the natural look i suppose letting her natural beauty do the talking. i really loved the rawness of it.

I LOVED her outfit that she performed her new single in... and it has caused quite a controversy! I read this Telegraph article that compares her to some catoon 'street fighter'character called M-Bison?! Others have said its too revealing after her comments about Kandy Rains reavling outfits.. (i can't belive i'm blogging about xfactor?! its addictive!)

Anyways whatever anyone says i think her milatry inspred outfit was totally on trend and she looked more than Amazing.

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