Sunday, 10 January 2010

Gucci Spring/Summer 2010

I just realised as I'm writing Spring/Summer, I'm sitting here in two massive jumpers 2 pairs of woolly tights and its snowing outside. Hmm summer seems so far away :(

Anyways... Gucci Spring/Summer advertising. This season is all about high gloss, high glamour and high voltage. I love the over stated poses that exude power, the high saturation and the interesting compositions. These shots force a type of lifestyle upon you as if you could have it this good if you could wear Gucci. The way the models are shot makes the clothes look amazing and so flawless. It is kind of typical, i don't think there's much innovation but yanoo i forgive them. right now that is the place i want to be!
hmm back to doing my cv :(

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